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Words Can Be Powerful – Make Them Work For You!

  • Are you looking for creative written content and web copy to fill a blog or ecommerce shop, to help market your products?
  • Promote your brand or service?
  • Boost your online rankings?
  • Not keen on blogging or feel you don’t have the writing skills or simply haven’t the time?

Then you may benefit greatly with the help of my content (and copywriting) services.

What is content writing (and copywriting)?

Put simply, it is the ‘art’ of producing and providing clients with creative, quality, informative and marketing text for their websites.

If they can’t understand it – they probably won’t buy it!

I have written a page explaining the slight difference between copywriting and content writing in more detail.

As a specialist writer I present this information in a reader friendly style, so browsing visitors and potential customers can learn quickly and concisely (visitors who rarely stay for more than a few seconds before jumping ship if you don’t engage them) about your products and services. Secondly, to help your website gain a better online presence (i.e. it must be SEO friendly).

Web copy and content should be a catalyst to help boost a potential customer to becoming a paying customer.

This form of writing is done with these objectives in mind.

Content can also be used to simply educate, entertain or inform readers (‘About Us’ or ‘FAQ’ pages are good examples).

Copywriting will arrange a jumbled mess of words into a clear and concise statement!

When / Where can this beneficial?

It can beneficial in website applications including:

Blogs (blogging)

One of the well-known benefits of blogging for your business (if done correctly), is the potential for an increase in your online presence (visitors to your site); based on the unique and regularly updated information of your blog.

If your ecommerce shop already has a blog (or you are considering the idea of implementing one), then you will want to use that blogging platform to provide unique and interesting articles about your products, brand or service. But with the day to day running of your business (phone calls, customer service, stock management, accounting etc.); the last thing on your mind late in the afternoon or on weekends is probably blogging!

Ecommerce web stores

Operating an online store (ecommerce) is so much harder than most entrepreneurs really expect. The idea of sitting back and watching the money role in is the dream we all share, right? But in reality the dream is usually a far and distant fairy-tale to what actually happens.

Business is just plain hard work, online or off, and there is no way around this. However, an online shop also has the added worry of getting found in the search engine listings (google, yahoo, bing…). Unfortunately, a beautifully designed website, with great products and prices will sadly mean very little if you aren’t being found.

Specialist copywriting for online retailers can help provide unique search engine and visitor friendly information to a shop’s homepage, category pages, product pages and more!

Social Media

Many websites today (small and large) use social media to help advertise to an ever growing online worldwide audience! Within an instant of uploading information onto one of these social platforms, you could easily be seen by literally thousands of potential customers and get a stream of new followers. That is a huge leap in exposure at a fast rate, at very little cost. Compared to traditional in print marketing (local newspapers etc.), social media is very wide reaching.

However, like all other forms of online advertising and marketing, social media shares the same problem blogs and ecommerce stores do: finding the time to write and upload useful, new, exciting and enticing content!

So what do you do when you want to provide quality web copy and informational pages but are unsure how? Speak to a content writing specialist or complete my client brief for an obligation free quote.

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